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Creating a beautiful mind

Growing up in school we are taught mostly about physical health, what it is and why it’s important, how to be healthy by eating the right foods, getting exercise 30 min everyday...

We are taught what our body needs to thrive...but how many of us were taught how to have a healthy mind?

Mental fitness is equally as important as physical fitness (if not more).

Learning to sit with incessant thoughts and observe them instead of identifying as them - this is where growth happens.

Meditation and mindfulness has undeniably changed my life in more ways than I can ever count.

This practice of stillness, the practice of cultivating pure, loving awareness brings space to love and accept myself as I am. It gives me clarity, guidance, inspiration, forgiveness, peace, and so much more...

This practice has taught me to recognize the voice of my intuition, the awareness to respond rather than react, the importance of self reflection, the ability to sit with myself and show compassion to the parts I have learned to deny or abandon.

Consistency is key - as with everything else. When we want to adopt a new habit or create a lifestyle change in any capacity, we need to remember that mental change is similar to physical change in the sense that our mind is a muscle and it takes time, patience and commitment to witness the shift.

5 minutes every single day is more beneficial than 1 hr a week. 5 minutes a day can shift your whole nervous system into a balanced state. 5 minutes a day can transform your perspective into positivity. 5 minutes a day can uplift your mood from hopeless to hopeful. 5 minutes a day can give you the gift of equanimity and grace.

When we choose to sit with the pain instead of pushing it away, that’s when we turn pain into power. When we choose to sit with what’s uncomfortable, that’s when we turn struggles into strengths. When we choose to sit with what’s unknown, we embrace infinite potentiality.

I make a commitment to myself to practice meditation and mindfulness every single day not only because I know I should, but because when I do I become a better person. My peaceful presence is felt by everyone around me, rippling out into the world. I make this commitment because when I do I help others to do the same, and together we are creating the peaceful world I believe we can have.

If you're reading this, accept this as an invitation to take 5 minutes for you today. Make self-care a priority non-negotiable. And remember self-care isn’t just about bubble baths, face masks, and luxury activities. Self-care can look like anything that helps to bring you into alignment. (check out my previous blog post about what self-care actually is and how to easily implement ideas into your daily lifestyle).

Let go of the distractions (stop scrolling) and give yourself a few minutes to tune in to yourself. It's essential.

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