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Magnetic Manifestation + The Importance of Contrast

Updated: Jun 5, 2021

What is, doesn't have to be. The current reality that we are living in is a reflection of past individual + collective vibration - some of which is out of our control like generations of oppression, .

What is in our control is what we choose to do with our present moment awareness. What we want can be the active vibration of what we desire to call in. This happens when we focus on our vibrational reality aka the present moment more so than our manifested reality aka the future.

When we get really honest with ourselves, we can admit that everything we want - no matter what it is - is because we believe we will feel better when we have it. It's the "if/then" mindset. This is where a lot of us humans get stuck.

We believe that if I have (inset desire) then I will be (insert desired feeling) yet the opposite is true. In our Western culture, we've been taught that happiness, success, wealth, etc is something we get externally. What the Universal Law of Attraction teaches us is that all of these things can be felt internally which then is reflected externally - not instantly but always eventually.

The goal of vibrational alignment is to help us find a way to feel good about what is on it's way to me before it is here. If we are constantly evaluating and feeling bad about our current conditions then we won't see much shift, if any. It's an endless cycle we get trapped in and believe that manifestation only works for some people. Can I feel the way I want to feel without the external condition of it? This is where true mastery of vibrational alignment happens.

What if we could accept everything as beneficial as it is happening? Without feeling the need to change it? Without feeling the discontent with what is? What if we believed that everything we want is already on it's way to us?

One of two things is always happening - life is bringing us clarity and helping us to strengthen our desire or life is fulfilling the desire. We are either knowing what we don't want (making the desire grow) or knowing what we do want (satisfying the desire).

When we understand and appreciate the value of a growing desire we can fully embrace the process of it's becoming. When we know that the contrast we experience serves a purpose beyond what we may initially agree with or accept, then we can trust the process with ease and grace.

Sometimes we may be guided to contrast simply for the expansion that is awaiting on the other side. Let that sink in for a moment. Without it, we wouldn't receive the lesson. Without it, we wouldn't have the opportunity to allow our perceived weaknesses to serve as strengths. This contrast is necessary for growth for without is we could eventually plateau.

There is beauty in this realization - to know that the life we are creating will never be done because we will always be inspired more, we will always desire more, and we will always manifest more. So do yourself a favor and let go of the burden of needing to know the how and when. Focus deliberately onto the present moment and consciously choose the vibration you want to hold (the why / what).

The next time you experience contrast, see how you can broaden your perspective. Take an empowered approach to the ebb and flow that exists within and around you. What is this showing me? What am I invited to learn? How can I grow from this?


In my upcoming Magnetic Manifestation Masterclass we will dive deep into vibrational alignment, manifestation techniques, law of attraction theory, identifying limiting beliefs / overcoming them, and embodiment practices in order to move out of resistance and into ease + flow as you attract your dream life.

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