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Overcoming limiting beliefs with LOA

A limiting belief is something we have convinced ourselves is true that restricts us and blocks us from doing/being something we desire. These beliefs are often false narratives we have been conditioned to identify with.

So how do we move past them and create the life we really want? I'll tell you how.

The first step is to identify the limiting belief - this belief is something that contradicts the thing you want, the person you want to be, or the experience to want to have. What is something you tell yourself and others that does not align with the life you are wanting to create? What is a belief you hold that does not serve you? Can you recognize when this happens? And what if you were not to speak it out loud?

The next step is creating a shift in that belief to change the momentum in the direction you desire to go. It's easy to get stuck on this step when you try to make a drastic change too quickly, especially when the limiting belief is something you've practiced for a long time, it will have a lot of negative momentum. Think of it like a train going 100mph in one direction...if you want the train to go in the opposite direction, you can't expect it to happen immediately without causing severe damage. Instead, you want to activate the brake system to slow the speed and then safely change directions. Start general and build positive momentum in a way that is believable to you. If you don't believe the story you are telling yourself, the subconscious shift won't happen. Begin to identify with a story that is general until there is no contradiction. If a limiting belief is really strong, sometimes that story begins with something like, "I am choosing to believe that good things can happen for me," or "I am choosing to believe that anything is possible."

With focus and concentration, you can gradually slow the momentum of limiting beliefs. Don’t give them your attention as much. If it's hard not to give your attention to it, try to generalize the belief into something softer and less specific. Give yourself grace and patience until your beliefs match your desires.

Notice when you are arguing for your limitations. Notice when your current circumstances are holding power over you Recognize that even your current reality can be changed, no matter how impossible that may seem. There's evidence of the life you want. There's also evidence of the life you don't want. It's your choice where you focus your attention. Be an advocate for everything you want and watch it come to you.

Sifting through the variety of contrast and identifying what you do want is empowering. Now you have clarity. Allow negative emotions to be an indicator of the discord between where you are and where you want to be. It feels uncomfortable because it is a contradiction to who you really are. All you need to do is align with that part of you more and more. You get to do something about closing the gap between what you want and what you don’t want.

What is active in your vibration today? What are the things you say to yourself/to others? Is this a reflection of the life you want? There is momentum in everything that you are giving your attention to. Be deliberate about it.

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