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About  Danielle


Hi there, I'm Danielle! I'm so glad you are here :)

My journey to wellness began in 2013 when I took my first yoga class. I had a deep knowing that this practice would be a catalyst for massive self transformation and for the next 8 years (and counting) I have dedicated my life to studying, integrating and teaching holistic healing and wellness practices.


It is my passion to share the gifts of ancient medicine for modern living in a way that is creative, and intuitive. I have a thirst for knowledge and experience in all things that I find interesting or exciting.  

I believe we are the medicine we seek. I do my best to lead by example and share my journey with transparency and authenticity. This is why I prioritize intuitive guidance and self sovereignty over a cookie cutter/one size fits all method.

It is my deepest heartfelt intention to create a safe healing space for my students/clients to recognize their own power and potential - creating a life with more passion, presence and purpose.

Whenever you feel lost or disconnected to the essence of who you are, I would be honored to walk the path with you, to be the guiding light on your way back home - to you.

You deserve to feel your best. ​


Danielle Marie


​I take my continuing education seriously so that I can always provide an exceptional healing experience to all of my clients - and I love learning new things!


  • 200hr Yoga Teacher Training - Plasha Yoga Studio 2014

  • 300hr Yoga Teacher Training - Plasha Yoga Studio 2017

  • 45hr CE Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher Training - Plasha Yoga Studio 2017

  • 20hr CE Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - Nectar and Nurture Yoga 2021

  • 25hr CE Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training - MamataYoga 2021

  • 25 hr CE Postnatal Yoga Teacher Training - MamataYoga 2021

  • 25 hr CE Conscious Couples Training - MamataYoga 2021

  • 20hr CE Trauma Informed Yoga Teacher Training - Yoga Medicine 2021

  • Reiki I - Jessica Hope Reiki Master Teacher 2014

  • Reiki II - Jessica Hope Reiki Master Teacher 2014

  • Reiki III Master Teacher - Jessica Frombach 2018

  • Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher - Carolyn Musial 2021

  • Sound Healing Practitioner Self Study - Erie VAMC 2019

  • Sound Healing Practitioner Training - Sunreed Instruments 2019

  • Vedic Thai-Yoga Bodywork Level 1 - Vedic Conservatory 2018

  • Whole Health Coaching - National Institute of Whole Health 2021

  • Ayurvedic Health Practitioner - New World Ayurveda (in progress)


  • Over 1,000 hours of training in several areas of focus 

  • Over 1,000 hours of teaching in several areas of focus/environments 

  • 2+ years working with CIH approaches to holistic health in a medical setting 

  • 8+ years as a RYT with Yoga Alliance working with people of all backgrounds/ages

  • 8+ years as a Reiki Practitioner



Things I love:
nature, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, plants, animals, singing, making music, dancing, exploring, traveling, road tripping, laughter, soul connection, horseback riding, puzzles, learning new things, diy projects, reading, art, tea, crystals, feathers, podcasts, creating, LIFE!!!

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