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This is a beyond body yoga experience. We will explore all layers of the yoga practice including mind-body connection, self-awareness, transformative breathing, guided meditation, sacred philosophy, and self study.

Private yoga sessions offer you the 1:1 guidance to focus on your individual interests, needs, and goals. These sessions are designed to give you more than just physical benefits. You will gain a deeper appreciation for yourself, develop emotional mastery and feel an increase in your sense of wellbeing. ​​


Prior to our first session, I will assess your answers to a questionnaire to create a customized yoga routine for your unique needs. We will start our session with a conversation about where you are currently experiencing imbalance within body, mind and/or spirit. I will then guide you through a progression of postures, breath practices, visualizations, mudras and meditations to serve your current state of being. After our session I will provide you with a detailed description of our session so that you can begin to implement these practices into your daily life - on and off the yoga mat.


Yoga for everybody

Yoga is not one size fits all; which is why I've explored several styles of yoga during my studies. 

Traditional Hatha for those looking for a slower more meditative pace with a focus on breath, controlled movement, alignment and longer holds. 

Vinyasa for those looking for a faster pace while synchronizing each breath with movement. This is the most common flow style of yoga.  

Restorative for those looking to slow down with a restful practice utilizing the support of several props to assist the body in opening in a passive way with minimal effort. 

Yin for those looking for a contemplative practice targeted the deepest layers of the body with longer holds.

Chair for those with physical limitations or just to try something different! This style of yoga is done mostly in a seated position and also incorporates some standing postures using the chair for balance or strength support.  

Prenatal + Postnatal for expecting/new mamas seeking support and individualized modifications to foster a healthy pregnancy, intimate bond with baby and an outlet for stress relief and self-care. 

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