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Hire us for a private event!

What Private Events Do We Host?

Immerse your group in transformative wellness experiences with our diverse range of private events:


- Corporate Wellness

- Personal Private Events (Birthdays, Bridal Showers, Weddings)

- Ceremonies (Graduations, Birth Celebrations/Blessingsways, Moon Rituals, Women’s Circle, etc)

- Recovery, Trauma, & Self-Empowerment Centers

- Yoga & Wellness Retreats

- Conscious/World Music & Yoga Festivals

- Creative Culture (Galleries, Art Studios, Libraries, Parks, etc)


Tailored Experiences:

Every event is fully customized to meet the needs, desires, and expectations of your vision. Choose the overall theme, topic, modalities offered, duration, location, virtual/in person, and more.


Example Events:

- Yoga Classes (hatha, vinyasa, power, restorative, pre/post-natal, kids, mama and me, laughter)

- Yoga Workshops (arm balancing, heart opening, partner yoga, the sutras, chanting, breathwork)

- Yoga & Sound Bath

- Ecstatic Dance

- Meditations/Mindfulness

- Conscious Couples Workshop

- Stress Management

- Breathwork

- Gratitude Circle


Ready to create a unique and memorable experience? Let us bring wellness to your event! Please fill out the contact form below or email to get started!

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